Geneviève N.B.

Shamanic Lunar Alchemist

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Hi! I’m Geneviève, shamanic lunar alchemist.

What exactly does that mean?

I guide women to transform their past trauma into their divine, unique, beautiful strengths.

I’ll lead you through healing old emotional wounds, integrating shadows, embracing your inner divine feminine, and aligning with the intuitive flow of the moon’s cycles.

I use my unique life experiences from training in Peruvian shamanism, subconscious soul journey work, energy healing, earth medicine, mindset coaching, and clinical psychology.

And with my prior experience pursuing driven careers in left-brained, majority masculine fields as a lawyer and as a website developer, I have unique skills to help you bridge the divide between your inner masculine intellect and your inner feminine wild.

Getting to Know Me –

:: empathetic to everyone, no matter what

:: gentle + welcoming

:: encouraging + optimistic!

:: big picture vision, courtesy of my Sagittarius Sun sign

:: ritual, devotion, and structure, courtesy of my Capricorn Rising + Moon signs

:: bubbly, contagious positivity + laughter

:: a willingness to dig through the shadows and the muck with you, holding your hand and embracing it all

:: a commitment to always do my own healing work before showing up to be of service to you

  • INFJ
  • Outsider/Merchant Dharma Type
  • Soulpreneur
  • Psychology Degree
  • Website Developer
  • Lawyer
  • Writer
  • Born in CT
  • Living in WA
My Story

I love my life so much right now!! But before this life, I lead a very different one. I was a lawyer working in politics. I was engaged to someone I am no longer with. And I was living in Connecticut, where I was born and raised.

More importantly, I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and lost.

Over the span of about nine months, which is a bit ironic I know, I experienced a rebirth.

I had never found a community to call my own, where I felt like I belonged. I felt like I had no purpose in life and that I hadn’t started truly living yet.

I felt deep unworthiness, I had a bad case of the “not good enough’s”, and I was overwhelmed by debilitating anxiety and fear.

Fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of following the wrong path, fear of straying from what I “should” do.

But deep down, I knew there was more to life than how I was living.

I finally found a community that accepted me exactly as I was through a Connecticut tribe teaching Peruvian shamanism.

And most importantly, I learned that I really did belong everywhere. And that I was the only person stopping me from feeling that belonging. THAT was a hard truth to digest.

Through the teachings of shamanism, I experienced so much freedom and empowerment.

And SO much calling myself out on my own internal bullshit.

I now understand so much more about the inner workings of our mind, our belief systems, and our subconscious. I now know that I can choose my own empowering truths about this life.

I understand how to call myself out and to call myself in. How to attend to my inner needs and to know when I’m being held back by limiting beliefs and to shift and integrate them.

I’ve reconnected to my intuition. My true intuitive voice, not the voice of fear that sometimes masks itself as intuition, not the voice of compulsion that sometimes parades around like intuition.

And I still experience pain, negative emotions, and bad days.

There are times when I can’t hear my intuitive voice or times when my projections get the best of me or when I can’t access my inner guides. I don’t pretend to know THE truth and to prove it.

But I have discovered beautiful, empowering truths!

I have learned unique tools for shifting emotion, healing emotional wounds, changing mindsets and beliefs, and experiencing life in a way that is aligned and empowering!

I’ve taken huge risks and made it to the other side of fear and anxiety and become more comfortable with vulnerability and inevitable failure.

I’ve found the steps to my soul’s true path, discovered spiritual alignment, and am now pursuing my DREAM life full speed ahead.

Bad days, pain, failure, and emotional loss happen to all of us, we are in fact only human. But “only human” means experiencing this earthly physical life and all of its highs and lows. Knowing that our souls chose to experience this life and all of the pain that goes along with it. And all of the joy and abundance and beauty as well!

I am embracing all of it and I am SO grateful to be living out my soul’s purpose helping women embrace their inner divine feminine, align with the beautifully intuitive wisdom of the moon, and heal and integrate deep emotional wounds.

With so much love and moonlight to all of you on your healing journeys,