Spiritually Aligned

Developing a daily ritual practice is a HUGE step toward feeling soul-aligned, spiritually aligned, and empowered in your daily life. It helps you connect to your soul, prioritize your self-care, receive divine guidance, and move forward in self-healing.

It’s also an excellent way to connect to your deepest soul’s desires, discover your passions, and pursue your best life!

But some people hear “ritual” and think wiccan, witchcraft, or magick – in other words, do I need to donate my blood or my hair for this?

And I’m here to tell you NO, you definitely do not. It’s way simpler and way less invasive than that.

So, what is a daily ritual practice exactly?

It’s a time set aside for you to sit and be present to your mind, your body, your emotions, and your soul. You can use it in many ways. Whether you use the time to focus on a new feeling, to repeat a mantra to shift your mindset, to figure out how you are truly feeling underneath it all, to connect to your soul, to receive divine guidance, to listen to your thoughts, or to actually do self-healing work, it is an incredibly powerful practice.

What kind of time commitment do I need to make?

All you need is a few minutes each day. My daily ritual can last anywhere between 1 minute and 1 hour, depending on my schedule for the day, my progress in healing, and my ability to stay present to it that day.

What do I need to have in order to start?

All you really need is yourself and a quiet space. That’s it! However, there are many tools you can use to help when you’re feeling more resistant, when you want to make powerful changes and need a little help, or just to help make you feel good!

Looking for more guidance?

I’ve just released my beautiful Daily Ritual Planner in printable PDF form on sale for only $11!

The planner is 16 pages long of beautiful, detailed information on many tools you can use in your daily ritual and why, like mantras, intentions, meditations, soul journeys, crystals, candles, oils, tarot cards, etc.

And at the end there are two beautiful pages you can print out back to back to use as a daily planner for organizing and taking notes on your ritual every day!

If you buy it and LOVE it like I just know you will, then I’d love to invite you to write a review on the product page to help support my small business as well!

Sending you so much love + moonlight.

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