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Consciousness Thought Leader
– researcher, adventurer, and truth-seeker

Alchemist of the Emotional State

The Pivot Point book – coming soon

Courage Rising Podcast – coming soon

I’m half American and half French.

I’m dedicated to being a pioneer in the expansion of human consciousness.

Doing ground-breaking research on the healing of trauma and moving from trauma to thriving.

And expanding the limits of what we as a species believe is ‘realistically’ possible.

My academic background is a BA in clinical psychology and a JD ivy league law degree.

I worked in government for four years and I’ve been a moon circle facilitator, a winemaker, a spiritual coach, and a published writer, among many other roles.

My spiritual beliefs are my own inner truths, but they have also been heavily informed by the Gene Keys, Peruvian Shamanism, and Hermetic Law.

Transforming emotions and mindset beliefs are my bread and butter.

And bridging the realm of dissociated unconscious truths with the realm of embodied physical reality is a favorite pastime.

Everything is real and nothing is real and I find freedom and empowerment in that tension.

Freedom to be driven by desire and empowerment to live from the heart.

I’m available for speaking engagements, as a guest writer, and to brainstorm on the new world.

And I’m currently working on a book, working title The Pivot Point, coming soon.

In this human lifetime, I’ve moved over 25 times, had more than 5 careers, and am nowhere near finished.

I have an ivy league law degree, a bachelor’s in psychology with honors, and was a licensed attorney in CT for some time.

I’ve owned my own solo law firm.

I taught myself website coding and development.

I founded a winery, taught myself to make authentic, natural wine, became an advocate for natural wine production, and made gold medal award-winning natural wine.

I’ve worked at nonprofits for families in poverty, as a residential program supervisor for adults with severe mental health diagnoses, as a family lawyer, a mediator, a government policy analyst, a winemaker, a published writer, a WordPress guru, a small business consultant, and a waitress many times at many places.

In addition to all of these experiences, I’ve also been quite an adventurer.

I lived in Arusha, Tanzania for three months working for the United Nations. I lived in Nairobi, Kenya for three months working for a local NGO.

I’ve visited the Great Pyramids in Egypt, I’ve been white water rafting on the Nile River in Uganda, and more recently, I trekked up over 19,000ft to the peak of the tallest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

I jumped off 50ft cliffs in the Dominican Republic, I walked the Path of the Gods on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and I’ve gone swimming in the icy glacial runoff pools of Mt. Rainier outside Seattle.

In early 2017, I went through a spiritual awakening. I then went through two years of intensive healing programs and training in Peruvian Shamanism and was Reiki level one certified.

I’ve learned how to use shamanic journeying as a transformative healing tool, and I have experience leading sacred womxn’s moon circles + coed spiritual circles.

I’ve been studying and researching my Human Design and Gene Keys profiles for about a year now, which have transformed my life.

And I’ve been absorbing at many levels, knowledge of ancient ancient history, esoteric teachings, quantum theory, epigenetics, and universal hermetic laws.

I’m in very serious relationships with the moon and the ocean, I’ve recalibrated my inner intuitive compass, and I’m a master at emotional intelligence and alchemizing the inner emotional state.

I am a researcher, adventurer, and creatress of many forms.

I’m an entrepreneur and advocate for justice, at heart.

I’m a shadow-worker, a light-worker, and a truth-worker.

Love is my eternal mantra.

I’m committed to playing my unique part in creating the new world paradigm.

And I am forever a student of this life.