geneviève n.b.



I’m an entrepreneur, insatiable truth-seeker, and pattern disruptor.

Dedicated to being a pioneer in the expansion of human consciousness.

And expanding the limits of what we as a species believe is ‘realistically’ possible.

My academic background is a BA in clinical psychology and a JD ivy league law degree.

I’ve worked in government in a lobbyist role for a state public official, drafting legislation, nurturing political connections, creating new state budget funding models, as well as directing a state board implementing market research and economic models on an innovative social program.

I’ve interned for the United Nations ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) in Tanzania and for a local NGO in Kenya.

I’ve also been a serial entrepreneur – as a solo law firm, a moon circle facilitator, a winery co-founder and winemaker, a spiritual coach, a wordpress web designer, and a published writer, among many other roles.

My views on consciousness have been heavily informed by the Gene Keys, Peruvian Shamanism, and Hermetic Law.

Everything is real and nothing is real and I find freedom and empowerment in that tension.

Freedom to be driven by desire and empowerment to live from the heart.

I’m a researcher, adventurer, and creatress of many forms.

I’m an entrepreneur and advocate for justice, at heart.

I’m a shadow-worker, a light-worker, and a truth-worker.

And I am forever a student of this life.