Hi, I’m Geneviève!

My mission is to elevate the consciousness of the planet.

My dharma is the ascension of the world to unconditional love.

On the ground level, I’m supporting souls in each of their individualized ascension paths. At a higher level, I’m expanding my understanding of consciousness to help propel this realm of humanity forward in its ascension.

I specialize in holding sacred space with the highest integrity to support you in your journey, from healing to alchemizing to purifying in the fire to rising from the ashes to understanding universal laws and ascending to higher consciousness.

I’m also passionate about innovating higher vibrational new paradigms, governing systems + organizational structures, and working with entrepreneurs + leaders.

My background includes –

  • deep contemplation and introspection on spiritual consciousness,
  • intensive emotional healing techniques rooted in Jungian psychology + Peruvian shamanism,
  • energy healing via the chakras with Reiki level 1 certification,
  • kinesiology emotional clearing techniques,
  • study of personality systems with a focus on astrology, Human Design + Gene Keys,
  • transmissions from mentors, channeled messages, and incredible books,
  • experience with 1:1 coaching,
  • experience leading groups in ritual + healing,
  • writing featured in Elephant Journal,
  • a law degree from Cornell Law School,
  • and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

I love creating ritual, facilitating circle gatherings, hiking in the woods with my pup Arya, trekking up mountains, shapeshifting, shamanic journeying, cooking, reading, writing, researching, dancing, and practicing the art of unconditional love for all.

I love personality systems.

I am a Human Design Sacral Generator 1/3,

INFJ Advocate,

Enneagram 3,

Ace of Diamonds,

Outsider playing a Merchant Dharma Type,

Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn Rising + Moon,

Vedic Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Rising + Moon,

my Life’s Work is Patience, my Purpose is Truth, and my Vocation is Ascension.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to my sacred space.