I’ve started writing a book. It’s working title is The Pivot Point.

And I’m doing an interview series, which is part of the research for the book.

This will also become a podcast.

Though I have a list of people I’m working through for interviews, I desire even more!

I’m seeking people with a trauma to thriving story and because this is a research project, I do have some criteria.

Is this you?

You are willing to share the nature of your traumas or struggle, not the explicit details, but the kinds of painful experiences you've been through to show others with similar experiences that they can overcome.
You are now thriving, whatever that means to you. (Yayyy congratulations!)

There's no specific success benchmarks because thriving is different for each person, but you do have some physical manifestation of living the life of your dreams that you can share that is inspiring to others.

You are willing to share what happened at the moment in which the trajectory of your life changed. This doesn't mean your life has been only puppies and rainbows since, but there was a clear shift in the momentum and trajectory of your life.
I know many people have monetized their transformational methods that worked for them in their own lives - I'm not asking you to give away your program or methodology. But you are willing to share your authentic story of how it happened specifically for you.
This book will be weaving the threads of commonality and identifying the patterns that occur in each of these stories and won't be focused on any one person's transformation.
And if you consent to it, your full interview will be published in the podcast! With backlinks love of course.

Considering being interviewed but still have questions?

Email me at genevieve.nb22@gmail.com