“Loved the tarot cards, intention setting. LOVE! Keep doing this!!” : A.B.

“I felt very secure and loved learning more about how the moon’s energy affects me and others. Loved the whole experience. Awesome experience.” : J.V.

“I loved learning the moon energy cycles and then learning about the moon in the astrological house. Loved it all! Thank you! You did a great job and it helped me focus on what I need to do to find balance in my life!” : K.J.

“I loved learning about the cycles and how it relates to my life and my family. I loved the moon circle and grounding. I felt like I really needed the connection and guidance toward the light of the moon.” : E.N.

“I loved the environment – the people and the sharing. My stone. Honestly, it was exactly what I was hoping for and more. I loved the experience. I believe the group played a big part in that. So the idea behind the number and organization is important and valuable.” : H.I.

“I loved all of it! The hosts and hospitality! The information. The female camaraderie. Awesome! Keep more coming. Such valuable information, way to spend time together with great women. :)” : S.S.

“I loved everything. You. Ceremony, light, candles, your energy. You are amazing! I love everything about your energy and light. Thank you my sweet friend!” : M.B.R.