gene keys

what are the gene keys?

You could call them a soul blueprint for self discovery.

But I think the more important question is – why?

Why would someone want to learn about the Gene Keys?

Well, receiving their transmission has been life-changing for me.

First of all, I love personality systems, astrology, profiles, archetypes, and any way that I can learn more about myself.

They validate my inner challenges and strengths, while teaching me how to work with my uniqueness rather than against it.

Gene Keys definitely delivers on this front.

Every person has a unique combination of gene key sequences that help unlock their purpose, heal their heart, and magnetize prosperity.

But once you start reading each of the Gene Keys from your profile, you’ll start to realize there’s a lot more to this than just your personality archetypes.

The Gene Keys transmission is a living synthesis of emotional intelligence, collective genetic mutations, visions of a future world, brand new concepts I had never fathomed before, and all at an incredibly high vibration.

Richard Rudd’s words have broken my mind open in bewilderment, expanded my heart, softened my belly, allowed me to envision an idealistic future, and encouraged me to tread more lightly on the earth.

I’ve learned that my Life’s Work is Gene Key 5 – Timelessness. Within the shadow of Impatience, I find Patience – aligning with the rhythm of nature’s cycles, trusting in divine timing, seeing the patterns of consciousness.

I’ve followed my Evolution to Gene Key 35 – Boundlessness. Within the shadow of Hunger, I find Adventure – turning my search for improvement inward, bringing my energy back into my body, immersing myself in the greatest adventure of all – unconditional love.

My Radiance is found in Gene Key 64 – Illumination. Within the shadow of Confusion, I find Imagination – allowing my mind to settle, releasing my repressive fears, alchemizing my pain into creativity.

And the deepest essence of my Purpose is Gene Key 63 – Truth. Within the shadow of Doubt, I find Inquiry – accepting that doubt is the driver on the quest for truth, releasing self-doubt, realizing that truth is always paradox, and ultimately, falling into surrender.

These four Gene Keys are my activation sequence, the first sequence on the Golden Path.

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I’m still sipping them in, one by one in non-linear fashion, through my profile, through the dream totems, and via curiosity. In six months, I’ve probably consumed about half of all 64 Gene Keys.

And my life trajectory has been forever altered.

I recommend taking your time with them. Doing each of the Golden Path sequences with enough time to contemplate them and integrate them into your life.

Are you up for the adventure?

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