Moon Cycle Medicine

Rituals + Meditations Around the Moon Cycle


A gentle guided introduction to inward reflection, ritual, and rhythmic cycles.

> Take time to be present in your body.

> Deepen your connection to your soul.

> Begin healing your emotional wounds.

> Discover subconscious limiting beliefs.

> Start building your whole soul worth.

You’ll receive five videos + five workbooks for the five moon phases from New Moon to Dark Moon.

> 5 VIDEOS with explanations of each of the 5 major moon phases, descriptions of the tools, and leading you through ritual, meditation, and journaling prompts for each moon phase.

> My Daily Ritual Workbook PDF with explanations and resources for the ritual tools, tarot card spreads, and a printable double-sided planner worksheet for your daily ritual practice.

> 5 WORKBOOKS each with a summary of the video, including the tools, suggested mantras, and journaling prompts for quick reference.

You’ll learn the ritual, meditation, and journaling tools that I use every day to help me on my journey of spiritual growth and soul care.

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Moon Cycle Medicine v2

Nicole K. –

Genevieve is an incredible guide and mentor. She brings a fresh new perspective to healing therapy and has truly been a powerful and guiding light in my journey of transformation. She brings so many elements to the table in her 1:1 emotional healing program including her own journey and transformation, education, and her shamanic roots. She’s relatable, invested, and carries an incredible power of her own.

Before working with Genevieve, I knew I had taken some big steps in my journey thus far, but I needed something deeper that I wasn’t quite sure how to heal on my own. Through the 1:1 emotional healing program I did with Genevieve, I dug deep and revealed some painful truths I had stuffed DEEP down that not even I realized were lurking in my own subconscious. She has helped guide me in releasing this pain from within my soul and it has really brought me to a place of continuing inner peace and self-discovery.

I now have the curtains lifted from my eyes of old stories and beliefs playing on repeat that were holding me back and can now see things in a whole new light…my light. If you’re seeking to be happy again, to find yourself, to be free from the pains of deep emotional traumas…I highly encourage you to give Genevieve’s program a try. You will never regret investing in the happiest, healthiest, you!

With much love, and light, Nikki

Nikki P. –

I would highly recommend the many programs and options Gen offers. If, like me, you’re a very go-go-go type of person and have a hard time calming your mind, I suggest working through Gen’s 10 Day Soul Journey Challenge. I’ve tried unsuccessfully for years to find ways to give my thoughts a “pause”. Her Soul Journey series felt perfect because her guided meditations were so vivid, I found it much easier than I have in the past to keep my mind present in the meditation. Her main program, which is more intensive, is something I’m hoping to do in the future!

Manjeet –

I loved everything. You. Ceremony, light, candles, your energy. You are amazing! I love everything about your energy and light. Thank you my sweet friend!

E.N. –

I loved learning about the cycles and how it relates to my life and my family. I loved the moon circle and grounding. I felt like I really needed the connection and guidance toward the light of the moon.

K.J. –

I loved learning the moon energy cycles and then learning about the moon in the astrological house. Loved it all! Thank you! You did a great job and it helped me focus on what I need to do to find balance in my life!