Come rest your wings in this nest of feathers with your fellow winged ones.


The souls who came from far away places to remember the light even in the darkest of spaces.


Remember why you came here, that the love and harmony you seek does exist, within your heart and others.


Feel it, embody it, allow mother gaia to rewrite it into your very dna.


Radiate it out into the world like a beacon of light in tempestuous seas.


Because even the warriors need their nest and their tribe to return to.

There’s something about being in a sacred container with a group of people holding the same intention for growth, harmony, and alignment that is incredibly powerful.


Especially without the limiting hierarchy of leader, healer, or teacher.


Every single person has a gift to share. We are all on non-linear journeys and each of us has mastered something that others haven’t yet. And not just from the skills we’ve learned.


Each of us has inherent genius living in our energy field. And all we have to do is be authentically ourselves.


When we eliminate the limitation of only learning from the people “at the top” and we open to learning from every member of the group, we receive so much more. Each person becomes a mirror for different aspects of ourselves.


We are all teachers to each other. And we all have the capacity, and responsibility, for our own evolution.


When we are given this responsibility, this freedom, and this ability to give and be of service in community, we exponentially increase the potential for our own growth and expansion.

Heart-based co-created community.


An immersive experience in deep communion and harmony with the wisdom of Gaia on sacred land.


Bring your unique gifts and help us co-create beautiful sacred space.


Bring your own home with you and we’ll leave the land with no trace, no footprint, and in improved shape from how we found it.

To quantum leap through our hearts into higher consciousness.


Embodying sacred destiny.


Calling in the bird tribes.


Oh, and to have a super fun and playful time with soul fam. 🙂

Be ready to –

  • know even more deeply just how incredibly loved and worthy you are
  • have your unique strengths, beauty, and gifts reflected back to you
  • experience a new frequency of love and harmony
  • play and have fun!


Also be ready to –

  • take full ownership of your personal healing and boundaries
  • step up to a high level of integrity with others
  • embrace unconditional love and forgiveness, for all, and especially for yourself
  • remember that we are all part of the same soul family 🙂

There is no pre-planned programming.

The entire experience will be co-created by the community.

Interested in participating?

Fill out the form below and I’ll send you a questionnaire!



What is your role Genevieve?

I am merely a facilitator of sacred space. I’m not a leader, teacher, or healer, any more than we all are. I will be taking care of logistical organizing and creating the container, in service to Gaia. And I will be participating alongside all of you. The only time I will step in is to maintain the container of sacred space.

What is the cost to attend?

Right now, I’m working on making this a cost-free experience. Which means we’ll be relying on each other to resource and support the community.

Will there be phone service?

Maybe! Please let me know how important this is to you. Some of the most beautiful places have limited reception.

What kind of home can I bring?

Converted vans, buses, trailers are all welcome. Tents also welcome! But reach out so we can discuss self-contained camping. And highly recommend a canvas tent, and definitely rugged stakes for desert winds.

How do I prepare for self-contained camping?

Self-contained means that there will be no hookups, amenities, or services provided by the land. You will need to bring your own food, water (1gal/pp/day) and have all waste packed out with you. We are following strict leave no trace, leave no footprint principles. Be prepared with enough water (7gal+) and food for at least one full week. We will coordinate trips into town at least weekly for groceries, to refill waters, and to dump waste.

Without amenities – what about cooking, toilets, and showering?

If you are coming in a tent or vehicle without the capability for cooking, toilets, or showers, please let me know. We can arrange for extra equipment/supplies for you.

What else do I need to bring?

Clothing for weather highs up to 80s and lows down to 40, comfortable clothing and yoga mat/pad for late night open air ceremonies, electrolyte supplements, a headlamp and extra batteries, a portable solar charger for your own electricity needs, basic personal set of utensils and cooking supplies, and the spirit of community to help each other out where we each have extra resources and specific needs.

Can I come for just a part of the time?

Because we are creating a sacred community container, we would prefer people committing for the full month. Please reach out if you have any questions on this.

Can I come early to help set up?

Yes please!! Let me know if you’re interested in this! 🙂