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Beliefs Create Reality

$333.00 $33.00

THREE MODULES over three weeks, with forever access, so you can go at your own pace!

  • Module 1 – SELF LOVE

Each week, there will be module calls, journaling prompts, and daily practice tips. Plus Q+A calls throughout the three weeks to give you personalized guidance!

This program is worth at least $333.

Because I love you and Jupiter is still moving forward in Sagittarius (my SUN sign) right before my 33rd birthday, I’m offering the program at a very special $33 rate!


Freedom in Family Relationships Masterclass

$55.00 $22.00

I’ve created a Masterclass for dealing with difficult family relationships!

I will guide you through understanding the fundamental nature of family relationships.

You will learn to deal with the resentment of the past, to choose how to live the present, and to create the future in these relationships that you desire.

You will feel fully empowered to shift the dynamics within the relationship, no matter how difficult or frustrating the relationship has been.

For the holidays, I’m offering this Masterclass on a flash sale at only $22!


Moon Cycle Medicine Wheel

$111.00 $55.00

Align with the different healing phases of the moon cycle!

> Take time to be present in your body.

> Deepen your connection to your soul.

> Begin healing your emotional wounds.

> Discover subconscious limiting beliefs.

> Start building your whole soul worth.

You’ll learn the ritual, meditation, and journaling tools that I use every day to help me on my journey of spiritual growth and soul care.

For FIVE WEEKS from New Moon to Dark Moon.

You’ll receive –

> 5 videos with explanations of the moon phases, descriptions of the tools, leading you through ritual, meditation, and journaling prompts for each moon phase

> My Daily Ritual Planner PDF with explanations and resources for the ritual tools, tarot card spreads, and a printable double-sided worksheet for keeping track of your daily ritual practice

> 5 workbooks each with a summary of the video, including the tools, suggested mantras, and journaling prompts for quick reference


I don’t know how long I’ll be keeping this package at this low price, so take advantage of it now and hold on to these resources for life!