BREAK FREE \\ the KALI initiation


3 prerecorded videos available now

prep \\ initiation ceremony \\ aftercare

call in KALI to release your ties/bonds/oaths from the old world

call in universal divine support on your path of awakening

call in the path of initiation into your soul’s Truth

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call in K A L I to break free from whatever is holding you back from your truest, most authentic, freed, life.

whether it’s something specific you wish to transform, or you’re ready to offer your entire life up to the GODDESS to bring you closer to your most aligned, free, authentic life. it’s time.

be forewarned – this is an incredibly powerful ceremony that can bring in unexpected changes to your life.

all in your highest and best interest. all in precise alignment with your soul’s unique essence.

purchasing this ceremonial initiation sets the clear intention to the universe that you’re ready. and willing.

this ceremony will call in the universal divine forces to bring you into deeper alignment with your soul’s truth. with your unique energetic signature. with your destiny.

the universe is ready and waiting. KALI is here to support you.

all you have to do is just. say. yes.