Moon Cycle Medicine eCourse

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A gentle guided introduction to inward reflection, ritual, and rhythmic cycles.

> Take time to be present in your body.

> Deepen your connection to your soul.

> Begin healing your emotional wounds.

> Discover subconscious limiting beliefs.

> Start building your whole soul worth.

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You’ll receive five videos + five workbooks for the five moon phases from New Moon to Dark Moon.

> 5 VIDEOS (each between 22 and 37 min) with explanations of each of the 5 major moon phases, descriptions of the tools, and leading you through ritual, meditation, and journaling prompts for each moon phase.

> My Daily Ritual Workbook PDF with explanations and resources for the ritual tools, tarot card spreads, and a printable double-sided planner worksheet for your daily ritual practice.

> 5 WORKBOOKS each with a summary of the video, including the tools, suggested mantras, and journaling prompts for quick reference.

You’ll learn the ritual, meditation, and journaling tools that I use every day to help me on my journey of spiritual growth and soul care.