I’ve created a beautifully sacred container for you.

I will guide you through radical self-love, embodiment, emotional journeying, and back home to your inner knowing.

I have energetically infused this container with gorgeous reverent love and grace.

It is possible to feel loved and supported even in times like these.

It’s allowed to be easier than it has been.

You are allowed to have desires and you are worthy of everything you desire, simply because you exist. Because you are here. Because you were called. Because you chose this life.

Oasis is scheduled as an online weekend retreat for September 26 – 27.

There will be guided meditations, visualizations, journeys, embodiment rituals, and journaling prompts, all recorded for you to watch at your convenience.

There will be two zoom calls for group shares, as well as a group chat to connect, encourage, and support each other throughout the weekend.

And I will offer 1 on 1 chat support throughout the weekend as well.

Only $111 for the entire weekend.

Are you in?

You're ready
to remember radical self-love
to believe in yourself no matter what
to be open to new ways of being
to reach down deep into your soul and bring your truth up for air
to feel refreshed and inspired again
to feel held and supported in your body
and to feel brave and capable of anything.

Once you’ve signed up, email me here at genevieve.nb22@gmail.com while I set up the Facebook group.