∆ We will hold the most sacred beautiful space for you through your awakening, your spiritual journey, your dark night of the soul, your inner transformation to phoenix rising.

∆ I will give you unconditional love and grace, and model it for you to learn to give yourself.

∆ I will help you connect to YOUR internal compass to find your SELF truths.

∆ I will guide you with practices to embody your soul in the beautiful physical vessel you’ve been given.

∆ I will share the wisdom I’ve collected to see if any of it blows your mind wide the f**k open the way it did mine.

∆ We will co-create truth + beauty + empathy + meaning with the Divine Feminine within each of us.

Are you ready to embrace vulnerability and move beyond fear to live a deeply, meaningful life?

Are you ready to express your wholeness, your divinity, your royalty, your unique soul’s purpose, and offer it as a beautiful gift to the world in service?

Are you ready to stop hiding behind masks and truly embody your authentic self?

Your soul is waiting, your inner creatress is waiting, your loved ones are waiting, we are waiting, the whole world is waiting.

We are ready for you.

And we’re ready to hold sacred space for you through the journey.

Divinity embodied, grace defined, love expressed,

your worth knows no limits.


We’ll dive deep into shadow work to bring up repressed rage and fury and sadness and grief and anxiety and resentment.

Emotions embedded from our own lifetime, from past lifetimes, from our ancestors.

Shadows, projections, or mirrors that are repressed control our lives more than we know.

We’ll follow them down to the inner waters of our soul in deep reflection. To find the roots of wounding to heal and integrate.

Our internal state is our most important asset. It is the source from which we live our purpose and share our gifts with the world.


We won’t remain in the shadows either, attached to the wounding that brought us here.

We will detach from our past, integrating the lessons and rewriting our stories.

Beautiful transformation comes from what we choose to believe. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions moving forward.

We’ll invite joy, beauty, meaning, and grace.

Learning to embody a state of unconditional love in every moment.

And living our purpose, offering our beautiful gifts to the world.

You have beautiful gifts within you.

Whether you’re already on your way to living a life of purpose, or you’re just beginning your journey now.

Maybe you’re a medium and can connect with loved ones who have passed.

Maybe you have a deep connection to Mother Earth and can hear her words in the wind and see her visions in the water.

Maybe you can channel the Ancient Ones, the Goddesses of ancient times, the Ascended Masters, maybe even those we haven’t yet heard about.

Maybe your energetic current can heal others – in reiki, massage, or other energetic body work.

Maybe you can see what others cannot see, or hear what others cannot hear.

Maybe you can feel the energies and emotions of everyone around you.

Maybe you haven’t yet discovered your gifts, and that’s okay too.

The Sacred Sisters Healing Circle will help propel you through the shadow work and ascension that will free you from any doubts or fears that you aren’t good enough, that you don’t deserve it, or that you’re not ready.



Monthly Membership with Weekly Healing + Content + Support

Join a beautiful sacred space with me online for group healing, weekly content, + sister circle support.

We will have weekly live circles over video with guided shamanic healing journeys, group themed discussions, and sister circle support.

During the month, every week’s live video will be scheduled on a different day of the week and time of day to provide greater accessibility to all for live participation.

Every video will be a different theme and available to watch on replay at anytime.

And I’ll be in the group every week answering your questions and supporting you personally through whatever you’re going through.

This isn’t just a mini-course or a monthly subscription to an e-guide.

This is actual healing journeys, actual live discussion, actual personalized coaching in the group, every week!

Membership with access to all of this is $222/mo.

One individual session with me is usually $277+ and this includes at least FOUR group sessions per month, plus personalized support in the group every week, plus bonus content on whatever the group needs support on. So much value!!

You’ll have access to everything in the group while your membership is active, including content recorded before you joined.

And you may cancel your membership at any time. Once your final paid month has come to an end, then you will lose access to the content. Simple, right?

Feel at peace knowing that you’ll have weekly healing and personal support from me and the others in the beautiful healing circle through whatever the beginning of this new decade has in store for you.

Give yourself the gift of support, encouragement, and sister tribe in the New Year.

We’re here to support your heart and soul, through everything and anything you’re going through.

I’m filling 2020 with more community, more tribe, more connection and more support.

So you can shine your brilliant diamond lights bright for the world to see. 💎

Love y’all so much. 💜🦉🙏🏼