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Daily Ritual Planner :: Printable PDF

$30.00 $11.00

The planner is 16 pages long and includes detailed information on many tools you can use in your daily ritual and why – like mantras, intentions, meditations, soul journeys, crystals, candles, oils, tarot cards, etc.

At the end there are two beautiful pages you can print out back to back to use as a daily planner for organizing and taking notes on your ritual practice every day!

Bring accountability, knowledge, and ease to your daily ritual practice today with this planner! Now on sale!


Freedom in Family Relationships Masterclass

$55.00 $22.00

I’ve created a Masterclass for dealing with difficult family relationships!

I will guide you through understanding the fundamental nature of family relationships.

You will learn to deal with the resentment of the past, to choose how to live the present, and to create the future in these relationships that you desire.

You will feel fully empowered to shift the dynamics within the relationship, no matter how difficult or frustrating the relationship has been.

This Masterclass even includes a guided shamanic healing journey to cut the energetic cords feeding past resentment and anger and fear between you and them.

You will still be tied to them in love of course.

For Thanksgiving week, I’m offering this Masterclass on a flash sale at only $22!

New Moon Vision Circle Seat


Reserve your spot for Geneviève + Manjeet’s beautifully transformative 2020 Vision Circle!

$77 per person includes 4hr workshop, moon cycle energetic worksheet, guided visualization, intuitive guidance, supportive community, all materials for your vision board, light appetizers, and a glass of wine (21+) from Moon Alchemy Wine! 🙏🏼

To accommodate space and maintain an intimate supported atmosphere, we are holding space for only 10 women, so we recommend reserving your seat early!