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Hey there! Are you looking to open up your own little piece of internet real estate?

I’ve been creating websites for the last five years.

I’m a self-taught web developer, initially creating websites from total coding scratch (sooo time-consuming and sooo rewarding) and now I’m totally in love with WordPress (.org, NOT .com).

It started out as an obsession with the coding, formulas, algorithms, and technical pieces.

Slowly, I followed my intuition into the design realm, opening up my right brain and gaining confidence in my ability. And I LOVE it.

So now I do both! Web development + web design.

“GIRLLLL!!! I am mind blown. What a beautiful beautiful beautiful space!!! Love how you created it! So excited we’re working together!”

“[Genevieve] is highly recommended!!!! And will take the time to listen to all of your ideas!!!! Thanks again for helping me with my vision!!!”

What does this mean? It means I can add complex functionality to your website, ensure it’s responsive across devices and screen sizes, and also create an overall brand mood with accompanying graphics and logo.

My favorite part? How incredibly excited and blown away my clients are when they see their brand new website for the first time.

We continue to go back and forth to get all the details absolutely perfect, but my clients are always blown away by my ability to intuitively create a website that reflects their inner essence. I live for it!!

I could continue to talk, but why don’t you check out the examples below of websites I created.

“Omg just looked at it and you definitely got the essence of me!! Thank you, thank you!”

“Omg Gen this is the most perfect thing ever I love you and appreciate you so so so so so so so fucking much”

Heather V.

``I loved working with Genevieve on my website. Her enthusiasm and optimism was inspiring. She really wanted to create something I loved.

I appreciated her technical skills as well. She worked quickly and efficiently. The website was not only aesthetically pleasing, it was fully functional and best of all, it really felt like me!

I would highly recommend working with her if you are looking for someone with technical skill who can intuitively sense your style and aesthetic.``

Single Page Healing Services Website with Blog
Coaching Services Website with Calendar Booking
Artist Website with Full Portfolio + eCommerce Shop linked to Square
basic website

The basic website will be created in a lean and simple way in WordPress, so that it has built-in capacity for advanced scalability.

Included –

> responsive single page with sliding menu or up to 5 responsive pages, contact form, linked socials, booking links, payment links for existing Venmo or PayPal accounts, blog functionality

> brand colors + fonts, handful of brand-aligned stock photos, simply designed brand logo

> written tutorial on self-editing pages, adding content, and adding blog posts so you can maintain your own website

Starting at $500+

website with extra functionality

The website with extra functionality includes everything that comes with the basic website, plus an additional piece of advanced functionality.

Examples –

> email marketing setup + integrated with website

> portfolio added with up to 60 items

> calendar booking setup + integrated with website

> payment functionality added to site for services

> advanced graphics + advanced logo

> online course functionality, YouTube videos embedded, etc.

Starting at $1,000+

website with advanced functionality

The website with advanced functionality includes everything included with the basic website, as well as a piece of further advanced functionality.

Examples –

> full eCommerce shop synced to Square

> eBook design + course video support for online courses

> blog monetization for passive income

> advanced app integrations

> written for you website copy (the text content)

> multiple pieces of extra functionality, etc.

Starting at $1,500+

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